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Anonymous ASKED:
Hi! I love the undressing banana and would like to print it on a small poster. would that be o.k. for you?

Yes it is ok~ Thank you for the message:)

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Someday I will be back here…. ah

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Anonymous ASKED:
Hi Carol, I am a student at Aurora University in IL and my capstone class is working on raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and trying to encourage the student body to get themselves tested. I stumbled on your "let's get naked" banana cartoon a while back and would love to use it in our posters on campus; it is very cute and would help our message resonate with the students. I was wondering if it would be okay with you for us to use this image and how you might like us to cite it.

Hey! Woah nice project! Yes you can use! Thank you so much for choosing my art and for asking me first I really appreciate it :)

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myglamorousworld-ivy ASKED:
Are you having a plan for making new doodles? :33

Aww man, I have no idea ): my laptop is always broken and idk.. maybe oee daaay~

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Anonymous ASKED:
What happen about drawing? You can draw Nicki Minaj?

I’m focusing in another thing in my life now, but I won’t stop drawing, I guess! I’ll try :)

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new doodle guys~~ just sorry for so long, and uh… it’s hard to have ideas, idk what’s going on >_<;

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Anonymous ASKED:
CONTINUE DOING DOODLES :D Do you have Facebook or Twitter? Give me to add you

I plan to!! actually I wanted to do one today, but I didn’t had any idea :( I will try now heh

personal fb or sweetlines fb

and my twitter n__n

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Anonymous ASKED:
where do you do that pictures???:)and i love them!!

on photoshop CS3 n__n

yaay thank you!! ♥

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Anonymous ASKED:

why what?

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Anonymous ASKED:
haces dibujos digitales? :O saludos

yes~~  I mean… “do I make digital drawings?” is that what you mean?  then yeah, yes LOL


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